Speak It Into Reality

I’ve got some stuff to discuss – The new Affiliates page, my merchandise, the CM logo, and what the future holds.

Affiliates Page

I’ve added a section to this site for affiliates. These are companies, brands, and products that I trust and endorse. The first of these is Chaos and Pain, with whom I currently work as an ambassador for their supplement line. There will be others along the lines of nutrition, health, fitness, wellness and personal care.


I’ve disabled my merch page for now. Designing the shirts is too tedious for me at the moment, but I will reintroduce it as popularity dictates. Don’t fret.


I am working on re-vamping or renewing my logo. I’d like a more modern flash design than what I’ve currently got.

Goals and the Future

The goal of Carnivore Muscle has shifted. I no longer want to exclusively provide “advice” about lifting and dieting. Carnivore Muscle is the brand for my bodybuilding career first and foremost from this point forward. All efforts moving forward are at least partially going to contribute to moving that goal forward.

My social media will continue to be a place where you can get information, whether from a post or story of mine or by commenting or DMing me. I will post progress photos and training videos, as well as informative and opinion videos or vlogs – this is going to big part of the focus for 2020.

A secondary goal is to become certified as a personal trainer, this will give me a little bit more credibility when it comes to giving advice. The knowledge is already there but the certificate can mean so much more.

The future is mine. I’m going far and I want you to come with me.

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