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What I’ve been doing food-wise.

I’m currently engaging in an off-carnivore experiment. Let me explain what that means. I’ll call myself carnivore if at least 70% of my calories came from meat. Right now it’s about 50/50 meat/whey shakes but on Friday I also add in rice and some smarties, about 300 to 500g of carbs worth.

Said it. Carbs. I’m following essentially the Apex Predator Diet, one I’ve done in the past. If you google it, look for links to plagueofstrength.com, where it originated. Jamie Lewis wrote quite a few articles. Pretty much just using for recomp. I don’t hate myself enough to keep calories low for too long, but I still want to cut fat while I do this. So it’s a lot of protein shakes throughout the day and one before bed, and a meat dinner with high fat. Friday, it’s the same minus the fat, and adding in small feasts all day of meat, shake, rice. Saturday, PSMF, Sunday back to shakes + fatty meat.

This allows me to cycle calories throughout the day and still stay in a deficit and run on fat. On friday I jack my glycogen back up. On Sunday I recover from that massive insulin bolus. White rice seems to be the easiest to both digest and handle afterward. I get a lot less heartburn from it.

It’s still animal-based, but I think the internet would shit its collective pants if someone called this “carnivore”, so I won’t.


I’ve realized that the U/L/P/P/L is taxing on me, so I’ve decided once again to drop to 4 days with a cardio day on Wednesday. There’s not much to it to be honest. I do a horizontal and vertical push and pull, a curl and a triceps movement, and maybe one more isolation. For leg day I do 2x quad movements and 2x hamstring movements and then hit calves.

Monday and Tuesday I’m doing strength movements, squat, rack pull, bench, and press or incline press – so I’m going to use 5/3/1 to move those numbers up. The rest is just progressive overload, nothing too complicated.

If you want a detailed breakdown of the program, just email me at carnivoremuscles@gmail.com and I’ll send it to you free.

Chaos and Pain.

CnP renewed their ambassadorship program, and asked if I’d still like to be in it, and I said sure. So many of my social media posts and stuff will have their hashtags and may include a plug.

I don’t get a lot from this, to be quite honest it’s 10% of the sale, and fish don’t bite too often. That’s okay. I’ve never advocated for supplement use, but it does have its uses for some people.

Right now I’m using Kraken from CnP because A) it’s a hell of a formulation and B) it hits my mAcRo GoAlS right now.

Head on over to ChaosandPain.com right now and use my code: carnivoremuscle20 for a discount.

Chaos and Pain

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