Fasting – Is It Good or Bad? Do I Need to Fast on Carnivore?

To start off – below is a post containing information. Some is based on science, some is my opinion. This is not medical advice and is only for informational purposes. If you make yourself sick as a result of trying some of this, it’s on you. You’re a grown-ass adult.

I will be up front with you. I lost the majority of my weight before going near carnivore. How was this done? Weekly 72+ hour fasts and a strict ketogenic diet. I was able to drop from about 230+ pounds to 155 in about six months.

Is fasting good or bad? I think it can be both. If you’re using fasting to get back on the wagon quickly as a punishment for a weekend of sugar-bingeing…yeah that might be bad.

I think the idea that fasting has many benefits is just a gigantic billboard testament to the horrible foods humans have managed to invent in order to stuff down their throats. You can gorge yourself on donuts for 10 years, and fast it off in 6 months in a better state than before you started. I think that speaks volumes.

Do I think fasting is necessary on a carnivore diet? No, not necessarily. If you’re managing to overeat and can’t get control of your body composition, fasting is a good way to manage your calorie intake. Honestly, you may even do it intuitively by just going by your hunger. I know of many long-term carnivores that will often take a “day off” if they simply don’t have the appetite for it.

Many will advise that you shouldn’t intentionally fast while carnivorous. That you should just “trust in the process”. I think that’s a little silly. Yeah, sure, this is the optimal human diet, and your body isn’t stupid. No, it’s not stupid, but it can be slow. Taking a day to fast and kind of “reset” I find leaves me with an even clearer mind and more energy than usual. So I do it here and there.

Here’s what I really think: Understand what your goal is. Decide what you want. Put a plan together (I can help if you need a nudge), and execute it.

I haven’t fasted much since my hand injury in 2017. But right now I’m carrying a little more bodyfat than I want to, based on taking some advice that I now don’t really think agreed with me very much. So right now I’m feasting heavily as I was on lifting days, couple pounds of meat, some butter, and a dozen eggs. On my off days / cardio days I’ll fast – just for now. It’s a short-term thing to see where I end up body comp and strength-wise after a few weeks. Today I had a heavy workout about 32 hours fasted in which I went up in weight or reps, or both since the last session. Then again, I’ve been lifting fasted for a couple years now, it’s not really surprising. I’ve done 5-day splits while on a 5 day fast with no loss in strength or endurance.

In conclusion – fasting is fine, when done properly, accompanied by a proper diet, and done with particular purpose. Fasting is not fine when it’s used as a punishment for being bad with your food. No need to turn this into an eating disorder.

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