Help a Friend – #Yes2Meat

Faithful friends, I have a request for you. Please, if you value your ability to continue to thrive on meat, consider donating or becoming a patron of my good friend, Alexander Danes. Alex is writing up some research that hopes to debunk commonly-held misconceptions associated with meat consumption and sustainability.

There’s a GoFundMe currently active, and if you’d be especially noble, you can make a monthly Patreon pledge to support his continued efforts (with a PayPal option included).

Click here to donate on GoFundMe.

Click here to become a Patron.

I am not affiliated in any way with this research, other than being a fan of it and a friend. I’m trying to help my friend. No obligation, and I absolutely understand if it’s not in the budget, but this needed to be shared, and I appreciate you at least taking the time to read this.

#meatheals #yes2meat

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