Post 0 – Introduction

Hi. I’m Chris Bement, better known as Dread. I’ve been lifting for a few years, and have followed a paleolithic ketogenic or carnivore diet for over a year now. This blog is to be used to pick apart and disseminate information that will help ordinary people heal their bodies and get closer to their health goals by utilizing this method of dietary hacking.

I must admit right here and right now that I am not a doctor, I am not qualified to give medical advice, and I urge you to check with your medical practitioner before beginning any dietary changes. I didn’t, personally, but it’s my responsibility to advise you to do so. I am also not a dietitian, nutritionist, or sports trainer and won’t claim to be as knowledgeable as one of these folks. Though, from time to time, I may refer to some of them as morons.

Some plans, and I hope to deliver on all of these in the near future:

1. Weekly or bi-weekly blog articles. I am writing a good chunk of these now so I have a few to release over time and can work on other things. So please be patient while I ramp these up.

2. Semi-often youtube videos. Not sure what the content or format will be for these, but they will be kept brief and will include things like exercise or mobility tips, cooking and recipes, rants, and mini-science injections.

3. Presence on Instagram – live videos, stories and photo posts.

4. Presence on Twitter – mostly just shit talking and retweeting those more in-the-know, coupled with motivational stuff.

5. Podcast – I’d like to do a mostly one-man show. Perhaps weekly episodes with just me, and maybe I’ll branch out into having a guest once a month. Podcasting would be my preferred method of getting content to you, mainly because it’s convenient. You can listen while exercising, driving, working, whatever you’d like. Much easier than reading my stuff here or even watching videos.

I’ll get more updates for you soon on these. I will be starting a new youtube channel for this network so I will post that link when it’s ready. For now, my current social stuff, located in the side-bar to your right.


With that said, hit me up. Ask away. First official post will be a brief primer on how to get into carnivory in an effort to begin the metabolic healing process.

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